PDS is a preferred supplier of Expert certified Moldflow analysis.
Moldflow is a comprehensive software suite developed by Autodesk for simulating and analyzing plastic injection molding processes. It offers a range of specialized analyses, including Fill and Pack Analysis, Cooling Analysis, and Warp Analysis, enabling designers and engineers to predict how molten plastic flows into molds, optimize cooling strategies, and prevent warping and defects in plastic components. Moldflow empowers manufacturers to enhance product quality, reduce production costs, and accelerate time-to-market by providing critical insights and data-driven solutions for the design and manufacturing of plastic parts.

Fill and Pack

Predict plastic flow and packing in injection molding.
Visualize defects like air traps and weld lines.
Calculate pressure, packing time, and material compression.
Optimizes processes, reduces defects, and saves costs.

Cool and Warp

Assess heat dissipation in the plastic injection molding cooling phase.
Optimize mold design and cooling channel placement for even and efficient cooling.
Predict post-molding part warping and distortion.
Enable design adjustments to mitigate warping issues, ensuring part quality and dimensional stability.


Reverse engineer warp conditions for high tolerance parts.
Mitigate warp trends using Moldflow predictive software to design parts with morphing.
Optimize welded assemblies and structural part accuracy.

Reviews and Training

Expert level Presentations and results interpretations .
High Quality reports and MFR’s.
Custom training for Moldflow results and operation.

Expert Certified Analysts

Analysts on staff are certified by Autodesk to Expert level.
General Motors Certified Supplier.
Experienced Professionals with a proven track record of quality results.