Productive Design Services is a leading supplier of world class FEA consulting. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) stands as a powerful computational tool that revolutionizes engineering by simulating complex real-world behaviors within virtual environments. Through FEA, PDS dissects intricate structures and systems into smaller, manageable elements, allowing us to simulate how these components interact under various conditions. By subjecting these elements to mathematical equations representing physical phenomena like stress, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics, we gain deep insights into how products and structures will perform in different scenarios. This predictive capability empowers us to refine designs, optimize performance, and ensure safety and reliability, all while reducing the need for costly and time-consuming physical prototypes. FEA has become an integral part of our design and analysis process, enabling us to innovate with confidence and bring cutting-edge solutions to fruition.

Static FEA

Stress and Strain Analysis
Deflection and Deformation Prediction
Safety and Reliability Assessment

Dynamic FEA

Crash Testing and Impact analysis
Transient and Time-Dependent Analysis
Fatigue and Durability Assessment

Modal FEA

Natural Frequency and Mode Shapes
Structural Optimization
Resonance and vibration analysis

Tool Design Analysis

Stress Analysis and Crack Prevention
Deformation and Wear Prediction
Thermal Analysis

Plastic Part Design FEA

Material Selection
Structural Integrity
Assessment Cost Reduction