Ford Teamcenter Services

Certified Data Service Provider (CDSP)

For more than 20 years PDS has been certified to offer Ford C3PNG supplier integration. Our Ford CDSP team are highly experienced in every aspect of the Ford C3PNG methods/process from pulling and sending to releasing data into Teamcenter.

Ready when you need us!

Running and maintaining direct connect 4 tier clients in Ford’s C3PNG Teamcenter enterprise is a significant part of your commitment as a full-service supplier.

When your 4-Tier connection is not available when you need it, your investments in infrastructure and training are undermined and devalued. We can assist you in these services when you need it:

  • Preparation of CAD to Ford C3PNG methods
  • FEDCSD Checklists and Q-checker analysis.
  • Translation to/from non-C3PNG CAD toolsets
  • Procurement of data to support RFQ
  • Data management process/methods consultancy
  • Flexible pricing models to cover fluctuations in workload

Bottom of Form

C3PNG Integration Made Easy with PDS

C3PNG compliance for Ford suppliers can be an expensive proposition. Especially in the time that it takes to acquire the knowledge to get a return on your investment.

Using PDS Data Services as your C3PNG service provider means having access to many years of experience instantly. Our CDSP services are delivered by a secure web connection and provide transaction history.

Resolve CAD Delivery Issues

Our service is available to suppliers that are already directly connected to Ford C3PNG Teamcenter but run into the following CAD delivery issues:

  • You cannot connect to Ford – even for a short period
  • You’re late with CAD deliveries because of workload
  • Key personnel are absent
  • Experiencing Teamcenter process problems or access to critical data
  • Encountering data rejection because of compliance or C3PNG methods issues.

C3PNG Releasing Service

Our C3PNG releasing service includes preparation of the data for Release and the follow through NG release processes up to WERS releasing. The prerequisite for any releasing activity is that the data is stored correctly, in the correct location and that it carries the necessary attributes. Full support can be provided to get the data to the correct status.

What’s Included?

Following the correct storage of data into the vehicle program database, the releasing service includes:-

  • Application of first frame data
  • Submission of release items to PPM Audit
  • Submission to NG (TCe) Release workflow

Install, Training and Support

The following are additional services we provide:

  • Assist with Program Access & Gatekeeper Information